The Guesthouse

There are only a few destinations that causing the visitor unusual sentiments and there is no chance not to visit them. Such a destination are the Meteora Rocks, a unique geological but also a religious and breathtaking landscape. At the foot of the Rocks, where the village Kastraki ends and begins a path that leads visitors to a place where they can escape from their routine, to explore dozens of imposing geological forms and religious sites, you will find the Guesthouse Vavitsas. If you wish and dream a different and an alternative way to spend your vacation, the Vavitsas Guesthouse can make your dream come true!

The Guesthouse is built on traditional forms of architecture, carved in stone and wood, and is waiting for you to visit it and enjoy the diversity and the uniqueness of the landscape in every season. The warm and friendly atmosphere is ideal for rest and relaxation. The seven rooms of our Guesthouse are a pleasant and a family enviroment. Our rooms are fully equipped with all amenities and they all have a unique view of the majestic Rocks and Monasteries. You can start your day by enjoying a traditional breakfast, prepared with fresh local ingredients (such as our traditional bread, honey, eggs, cheese, yogurt, etc.) and continue by making short trips around the area.

A sense of peacefulness overwhelms you, the space around you requires his own pace, slower, more human. Here you can ramble on the village alleys which will drive you to the Meteora Rocks. You can enjoy the unique combination of green and steep, the devout and mystical atmosphere of the monasteries and churches.Our Guesthouse can be your base for unique routes to the Meteora Rocks and also the surrounding area (eg Elati, Pertouli, lake Plastira Aspropotamos villages and other places).

Returning to the Guesthouse you can visit our restaurant and enjoy our traditional cuisine. The use of pure local raw materials, creates a delicious result that can satisfy even the most discerning palate.